Volkswagen News & Case Updates: "Dieselgate" Scandal

Article: Volkswagen and BMW are fined nearly $1 billion for colluding on emissions technology

July 9, 2021

By Jack Ewing Germany’s three largest carmakers colluded illegally to limit the effectiveness of their emissions technology, leading to higher levels of harmful diesel pollution, European antitrust authorities said Thursday. Volkswagen and its Porsche and Audi divisions must pay 500 million euros, or $590 million, and BMW will pay €373 million, or $442 million, as…

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Article: Court of Appeals Braunschweig: Damper for VW in the Model: Court Strengthens Plaintiff

March 25, 2019

Braunschweig (dpa) – In the multi-billion dollar investor process to “diesel gate” Volkswagen and its main shareholder Porsche SE have taken a new damper. According to the provisional opinion of the Oberlandesgericht Braunschweig, the knowledge of managers below board level is also crucial for the possible information of the markets. But Judge Christian Jäde made…

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ISAF Volkswagen (VW) Alert: Absolute Final Deadline for Damaged VW Investors Seeking Compensation for Losses Experienced after the “Dieselgate” Scandal

December 4, 2018

Stamford, CT–The VW collective group litigation in Braunschweig, Germany is an active Opt-In litigation where eligible investors who want to recover losses, must join the action prior to the expiration of the Statute of Limitation on 31 December 2018. VW has already entered into settlements with investors and regulators in the United States as well as regulators in Europe.…

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Article: Audi Settles Diesel Engine Probe for Almost $1 Billion

October 17, 2018

“German luxury car brand Audi on Tuesday said it has agreed to pay a fine of €800 million ($927 million) to settle a German fraud investigation related to the sale of cars with six- and eight-cylinder diesel engines that contained illegal software to manipulate emissions.” Read the Full Story

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VOLKSWAGEN DIESELGATE INVESTOR DEADLINE: Absolute Last Chance for Investors to Join VW Recovery Efforts Before the Statute Expires in December 2018

October 12, 2018

Investors who have not yet have acted to recover losses from earlier drops and the almost 40% sharp drop in prices of VW shares on Xetra Deutsche Börse, from the September 2015 Diesel-Gate revelation, must act now to have any chance of receiving money from a very likely settlement or judgment in the matter. When…

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LAST CALL for VW SHAREHOLDERS – Registration of Volkswagen claims related to KapMuG Proceeding against VW in District Court in Braunschweig before September 8, 2017

August 28, 2017

Claimants who did not previously register their claims against VW in Germany for losses in VW shares traded on Xetra Deutsche Börse (or otherwise commenced litigation) are urged to act now by contacting International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company for Damaged VW Investors, LLC (ISAF VW) to preserve their standing with respect to the collective action at the Higher…

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ISAF VW Organizes and Finances Lawsuit for Approximately 800 Million Euros Against Volkswagen on Behalf an International Institutional Investor Group

September 19, 2016

Stamford, CT (September 19, 2016) International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company for Damaged VW Investors, LLC (ISAF VW) announced today that it has organized the filing of a lawsuit for approximately 800 million Euros against Volkswagen AG in the Regional Court in Braunschweig, Germany, on behalf of a group of international institutional investors from…

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