VOLKSWAGEN DIESELGATE INVESTOR DEADLINE: Absolute Last Chance for Investors to Join VW Recovery Efforts Before the Statute Expires in December 2018

Investors who have not yet have acted to recover losses from earlier drops and the almost 40% sharp drop in prices of VW shares on Xetra Deutsche Börse, from the September 2015 Diesel-Gate revelation, must act now to have any chance of receiving money from a very likely settlement or judgment in the matter.

When the German Statute of Limitation expires in December 2018 on the three (3) year SOL of the Dieselgate revelations, the door is permanently slammed for any more investors to sue and join the collective “KapMuG” action in Germany and participate in any monetary recovery.

When the original litigations originated in 2016, investors joined collective groups and coalitions to defray the high cost of litigation, including defendant bonds, lawyers and court fees in Germany. Investors can now join a coalition group in a “last call” round-up filing.

International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company for Damaged VW Investors (ISAF) represents a large number of hedge-funds and institutions with their recovery efforts in VW. ISAF, who organized and funded one of the major original groups retaining and supporting the German Law Firm TILP, who won the court appointment as the lead counsel in the collective KapMuG action against VW in Braunschweig, have now organized a final group filing to take place in late November, 2018.

Further, investors seeking damages for losses in VW and Porsche shares listed on Xetra Deutsche Börse in Germany, should be aware that it is unlikely, if not impossible, to be successful in recovering damages in any jurisdiction outside of Germany and should consider joining the German collective action.

Join the fully funded ISAF coalition filing with the Higher Regional Court in Braunschweig (“KapMuG” Proceeding)

Next Steps: Institutional investors who wish to consider pursuing recovery from a potential settlement, should provide VW and PSE transaction data.

ISAF is financing all litigation costs, including legal fees, experts’ fees, processing, data collection, administration, and claims administration, in exchange for a success only contingency fee.

ISAF is highly experienced in this field and participation is simple, automatic, and hands-free for investors.

Investors should contact ISAF today:  [email protected].


ISAF Management Company is an investor service organization exclusively focused on organizing efficient representation of institutional investors in securities and antitrust litigation outside of the United States, by way of providing efficient funding, administration and management of collective redress actions via group, shareholder associations or foundations.

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