Registration For Petrobras Litigation in Netherlands Will Close February 28, 2023

Petrobras investors who purchased common and preferred shares or linked securities outside of the United States (e.g.; B3 in Brazil, Bolsa Madrid, etc.) have a final opportunity to register with ISAF Management to be compensated for investment losses in the event of a settlement or resolution through the Dutch Courts.

ISAF Management provides funding for the litigation on a “No-Cure No-Pay” basis. Eligible investors can register via the online registration form.


Oral hearings that will result in a declaratory judgment from the Rotterdam Court (either favorable to investors, or not) will conclude by the end of January 2023. ISAF expects a ruling several months after the hearings. All ISAF registered participants will have been duly vetted and will have had their damages calculated in advance of the ruling. This is important because a favorable declaratory judgment for investors will result in the filing of individual litigations for full damages. Eligible investors who do not actively participate in the damages phase of the litigation will NOT be compensated for their investment losses.

ISAF is accepting registrations for eligible investor participation until February 28, 2023. This will give ample time to organize client data and authorities in preparation of damages litigations that will commence immediately after a favorable declaratory judgment, regardless of an appeal on that judgement by the defendants.

ISAF will provide analysis for case eligibility. Please provide all relevant holding and trade data for the period between October 2014 and August 2015. The loss methodology reflects holdings on October 10, 2014 and subsequent transactions through July 29, 2015. To corroborate the holding position on October 10, 2014, please provide the initial opening position and all transactions prior to October 10, 2014.

The eligible securities identifiers are:

Equity Shares:
Issuer ISIN Description
Petroleo Brasileiro SA BRPETRACNOR9 Common Shares
Petroleo Brasileiro SA BRPETRACNPR6 Preferred Shares
Issuer ISIN Currency/Amount Issued Coupon Maturity
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0982711631 € 1,500,000,000 2.750% 1/15/2018
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0716979249 € 1,250,000,000 4.875% 3/7/2018
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0835886598 € 1,300,000,000 3.250% 4/1/2019
Petroleo Brasileiro SA BRPETRDBS043 R$800,000,000 Floating Rate 5/20/2020
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0982711987 € 750,000,000 3.750% 1/14/2021
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0716979595 € 600,000,000 5.875% 3/7/2022
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0835890350 € 700,000,000 4.250% 10/2/2023
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0982711714 € 800,000,000 4.750% 1/14/2025
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0718502007 £700,000,000 6.250% 12/14/2026
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0835891838 £450,000,000 5.375% 10/1/2029
Petrobras Global Finance B.V XS0982711474 £600,000,000 6.625% 1/16/2034


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