Volkswagen Case Eligibility

Institutional investor claimants who did not previously register their claims against VW in Germany for losses in VW shares traded on Xetra Deutsche Börse (or otherwise commenced litigation) are urged to act now by contacting ISAF.


Your only ability to recover from any settlement or judgment from VW share price losses, requires your participation in a remaining investor group litigation filing prior to the statute which expires December 2018.


Institutional investors who wish to pursue a claim in Germany for losses related to the various drops in VW share prices related to “Dieselgate” should provide eligible transaction data to ISAF VW for analysis.


ISAF will finance all litigation costs, including legal fees, experts’ fees, processing, data collection, administration, and claims administration.

ISAF will work on behalf of all investors and make every effort to make this as automatic, optimal, and hands-free as possible.

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ISAF will investigate if your trades are eligible 

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