Article: Former Petrobras manager, Pedro Barusco, received $10,000 each month from rig builder, SBM Offshore, in return for internal Petrobras information.

Barusco has signed a deal with the Brazilian judiciary and testifies in that context in the court of Rio de Janeiro about large-scale bribery of employees of Petrobras by SBM and other companies. Barusco was not the only beneficiary of Schiedam’s bribe, the Brazilians suspect that SBM paid $ 40 million to (former) Petrobras employees, news channel Globo reports.

Petrobras’ Pedro Barusco received $10,000 bribe each month

Barusco admitted on Friday that he received kickbacks from SBM. According to SBM’s Brazilian agent Julio Faerman, who testified the day before, he transferred $ 10,000 to Barusco every month. In return, he received inside information from Petrobras, which he passed on to SBM.

Barusco further testified that the bribe was deposited in a Swiss bank account. An employee of the Swiss bank occasionally visited Brazil to arrange the transfer of money to Switzerland.

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