Article: After Carnival, Brazilians get dose of corrupt reality

After Carnival, Brazilians get a dose of corrupt reality 

Petrobras corruption back on agenda as EU firms threaten legal action, judge approves Lula probe

BRASILIA — As Carnival came to a close in Brazil yesterday, the nation’s headlines switched from samba to scandal, as new developments involving state-run oil company Petrobras seized the spotlight once again.

Brazil’s iconic firm may face new legal action as a result of the widespread graft after it emerged yesterday as a judge also approved a new probe into former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and issued a key ruling in a case concerning global construction firm Odebrecht.

Investigators say Brazil’s top construction and engineering companies paid bribes to a handful of Petrobras’ politically appointed executives in return for inflated contracts. Prosecutors have alleged that some of the money then flowed into the campaign coffers of the governing Workers’ Party (PT) and to its allies. The party denies any wrongdoing.

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